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SGI Unified Memory Solutions
  • World's Most Powerful Scale-Up Systems for In-Memory Computing

  • Single System Simplicity with Extreme Scalability

  • Flexible, Open, Energy Efficient

SGI UV advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems accelerate the pace of innovation and insight and eliminate complexity. Building upon 20 years of in-memory computing expertise and utilizing SGI NUMAlink® interconnect technology, these Linux-based servers deliver cache coherent in-memory computing to address the most compute- and data-intensive workloads. Equipped with an integrated MPI Offload Engine, UV systems can also be leveraged for distributed applications and as a "super node" for clustered high performance computing (HPC) systems.

Compute-Intensive Workloads

SGI UV 2000 and SGI UV 20

SGI UV 2000 and SGI UV 20 systems are designed for compute-intensive, fast algorithm workloads such as CAE, CFD, and scientific simulations. Featuring Intel® Xeon® E5-4600 processors, these servers provide a higher processor to memory ratio.

SGI UV 2000 scales up to 256 CPU sockets and 64TB of shared memory as a single system. Designed for smaller environments, SGI UV 20 is a 2U, 4-socket server that delivers up to 1.5TB of in-memory computing power.


Data-Intensive Workloads

SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX

SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX servers are designed for data-intensive, I/O heavy workloads such as data analytics, visualization, and real-time streaming. Featuring Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v2 processors, and an All-to-All network topology, these servers provide a higher memory to processor ratio.

SGI UV 300 scales up to 32 sockets and 24TB of shared memory in a single system. Designed for smaller environments, SGI UV 30EX is a 5U, 4-socket server providing up to 3TB of in-memory computing power.