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Application Performance & Monitoring

Application Performance Management (APM) is now a key IT discipline because maintaining the performance and availability of applications is the primary service an IT department provides to the enterprise. To enable this vital activity, OPNET has been delivering pioneering APM monitoring capabilities for more than ten years, and has emerged as a leading provider of solutions in this rapidly growing market.

Our APM Solution will help you achieve;

  • High Availability
  • Keep Systems and applications running 24/7
  • Quickly identify and resolve performance issues
  • Workforce Efficiency
  • Improve productivity of line of business
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency of the IT organization
  • Business Effectiveness
  • Maximize business transaction effectiveness
  • Improve customer retention
  • Optimize use if existing resources, avoid over-spending

The key features of APM Suite includes;

EUE: Evaluate the application the way the user does

Application Component Monitoring: Deep measurement of the individual application components (server, database, application code)

Application Mapping: Understand the run-time structure of complex application architectures

Transaction Tracing & Analysis: Follow specific user transactions through the full application architecture

Network Performance Monitoring: Monitor the network conditions from the users and between application components