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Military commanders routinely face the daunting task of sending troops into harm’s way where risks are high------the pressure is intense--and the time to make decisions is short.Increasingly, commanders are leading joint operations with coalition forces, controlling a plethora of complex assets in unfamiliar territories and amongst non-combatants.

In this environment, the need for decision support has never been greater. As envisioned in Joint Projec, efforts to digitize the battlefield have resulted in a proliferation of sensors that have provided an explosion of new data and new types of data that have the promise of true information superiority and act as a force multiplier.

Many different command-and-control (C2) systems fed by these myriad sensors have been fielded to support commanders with varying degrees of success.Unfortunately, the proliferation of data and C2 systems has created a new risk, the risk of information overload and a dangerous loss of situational awareness—where a commander may not be able to find the right data at the right time. Combining the overwhelming task of mentally processing this huge volume of information with the pressure of intense combat operations creates a new fog of war.” Traditional C2 systems are designed around the existing information rather than around the concepts of human perception—what’s available instead of what’s needed. You can’t just have the data—you’ve got to be able to use it. The “fog of war” remains while the search continues, not for information superiority, but for decision superiority.

The SGI Decision Support Center solution for Command & Control delivers a new environment based on SGI flexible middleware that runs on top of a range of hardware, such that a variety of applications can be brought in to the same collaborative environment. Multiple ISR and related data feeds are synthesized and presented in one big 3D picture of the battlefield. This 3D data display is used in conjunction with flight simulators to test, model, and study various Command & Control scenarios in a collaborative environment. The SGI real-time solution facilitates collaboration between weapons control, force control, and force coordination expertise within the Warfare Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) environment.

The SGI Decision Support Center solution for Command & Control enables prosecution of high priority targets in a timely manner, increases realism and training effectiveness by delivering: