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Optical & Radar Satellite Images for Defense & Commercial Market Segment

BSI, working alongside GeoEye, has assembled some of the leading subject matter experts in the geospatial industry to develop advanced production and analysis solutions that offer our customers deep insight. Using the world’s most advanced processing techniques, GeoEye converts high-resolution satellite imagery into precise, value-added mapping products built to the most stringent specifications of our customers.

Optical and radar are the two primary sensor types utilized by our solutions. Optical sensors are sensitive to visible and infrared wavelengths. Radar sensors use microwaves to create an image, and have the advantage of seeing through clouds as well as working at night. Multispectral, hyperspectral and multipolarization sensors collect images in different bands, allowing advanced detection.

We also provide our customers with advanced geospatial analytics to help them make strategic and tactical decisions about the most effective and efficient way to allocate resources. Whether mapping commercial airports or conducting oil and gas exploration, supporting law enforcement or protecting utility infrastructure, using the world's most advanced digital processing techniques, GeoEye geospatial experts use predictive analytics to convert high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery into precise, customized information that supports the commercial interests of clients from a wide range of industries.

Embedded around the world to support combatant commanders, members of the intelligence community, and special operations forces, GeoEye’s subject matter experts turn raw data into critical decision-making tools. Through predictive analysis, they are able to transform data into deep insight. As a result of advanced geospatial analytics, our clients in defense and intelligence, whether deployed on the battlefield or involved in homeland security, are able to understand the changing characteristics of a location or situation and anticipate and prepare for events as they emerge.