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Digital Archival Solution

Archiving paper documents is costly for any organization. Documents must be placed in folders, indexed and stored in cabinets or on shelves archiving expensive and valuable office space must be used for archiving. When a document is needed, it must be sought, found and then zipped again. Because of these problems, many companies have migrated to an electronic filing system. BSI offers such a system, which provides similar functionality and benefits such as:

Easy access

Once the document is scanned and electronically archived, it is accessible from any computer by any authorized employee. Compare this instant access to a paper document, which must be filed in a filing cabinet or specially designed space and then to be asked over and delivered to the employee. During its use as a paper document, it cannot be accessed by another employee, and is not easy to trace where flows. Electronic documents can be retrieved immediately shared and routed to any authorized employee needs.

Search in text

When a document is scanned, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) examines the text and creates a digital version of the content. This text is electronically archived, creating an electronic document which can be searched by any authorized employee. If your company needs to find every file that mentions a customer, you can search the electronic archive for an entry to that client. This transforms your documents into databases of information, huge, which can be used for sales, marketing, auditing and management.

Financial savings

Switching to electronic documents and electronic archiving can be a great opportunity to reduce the burden. Document archiving costs involved with allocated cupboards, filing documents, and shelf space required for archiving are substantial. Add to this the time costs associated with archiving, search and retrieval of documents, and the price of a manual filing system becomes very costly. With Electronic archiving systems, there is a cost to scan documents and archiving documents, but once archived electronic data storage costs is quite low.


Difficult task of securing confidential information is simplified with an electronic document filing system. As paper documents must be stored in vaults and controlled by a manual entry system, electronic documents are easily controlled access encrypted using a password authentication system. Electronic documents cannot be lost, and cannot easily get into the wrong hands. Document management systems can track every search, noting who viewed whenever the content and accessed the document and time stamp for audit purposes. The security of documents is more efficient and also easier access to archive the company and its employees.

Easily recovered

When a document is scanned and filed electronically using the document management systems, it becomes immediately accessible by any person authorized to view. A document management system allows users to search for documents by name, keyword, content or any other indexes used in electronic archiving and document traceability. An employee with a computer can do this in seconds, making it fast and efficient process.


When an office is affected by a fire or a flood, paper archive is damaged beyond recovery. Even without a catastrophe, paper documents are lost, destroyed and scattered in regularly. Electronic archiving systems eliminate the risk of losing documents, creating back-ups that can be stored electronically in a data center off-site.