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Display Wall - Control Room Solution

The leader in large-scale video wall and digital display systems, our video walls are designed for the most demanding control room environments. Our digital displays, software and services are used by customers worldwide to operate and communicate more effectively—every moment of the day.

Our digital displays deliver the high resolution, exacting performance and day-in, day-out reliability demanded by the industry and is ideal for replacing aging CRT monitors, allowing multiple images to be consolidated on one display. When space is at a premium, our solution delivers excellent brightness and color saturation without the burn-in problems of other solutions out there.

High brilliance, resolution and contrast provide exceptionally clear and crisp presentation of virtually any image type, at any viewing angle. With mission-critical operations on the line, a company cannot afford to lose data in the translation. The high image quality of our displays allow control room technicians to see the finest topological overviews from anywhere in the room and react instantly to new information. Managing energy systems has never been more important and our Control Room displays deliver with zero-downtime. The high resolution and flicker-free image maximize readability and allow the same image to be left on screen as long as needed without burn-in.

No wonder our displays are found wherever the mission comes first. From emergency operations centers, to military command posts, to regional traffic monitoring and control facilities, our digital displays deliver when and where they’re needed most.

The solution consists of different modules: