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Textile CAD/CAM & Engraving Solutions

BSI has worked with CST GmBH, who have achieved a worldwide reputation, delivering to over 50 countries, of achieving excellence in the textile sector. The company’s engraving systems have been a feature of the textile industry for over 25 years, offering a faster, more efficient, high quality, and eco-friendly approach to imaging.

Our cost-effective and efficient industry-proven solution is specifically developed for high-quality "direct to screen" engraving. Our digital engraving solution was manufactured specifically to address economical, superior-quality flat engraving. The ink system is modular and ink card ridges are easily interchangeable, maximizing production output. Despite the low-cost of this machine, it is packed with features normally found only in more expensive units, without sacrificing quality and reliability.

The Method

The separation image is jetted directly with a special ink onto a conventionally-prepared flat screen, using a photo-sensitive emulsion. The screen is then exposed and processed conventionally. Adjustment is supported by the CST Engrave Software. The head is cleaned and parked under software control in the integrated cleaning station.

The Benefits

  • Outstanding engraving quality, with flexible resolution, up to 2880 dpi, and at speeds less than 8 minutes per square meter
  • Excellent repeatability per screen, accurate to within 0.1mm
  • Modular design, facilitating easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy screen-clamping system with screen-support frame