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Along with Data requirements, Models are becoming more complex and larger. These have given birth to a whole set of challenges faced by today's organizations. Visualization challenges include the ability to process increasingly larger and more complex data sets that continue to expand in scope and detail; the ability to explore multiple "what if" scenarios tight deadlines; and the need to display and interact with visual data in remote locations.
BSI offers SGI Visual Supercomputing which is a complete portfolio of innovative high performance visualization technologies, services, and solutions that enable our customers to effectively solve their greatest supercomputing challenges.

By fully integrating high performance visualization with its supercomputing and data management systems, SGI delivers a complete compute/ visualize/ data management solution that optimizes workflow and productivity, reduces system complexity, and delivers dramatically reduced time-to-results.
The SGI Visual Supercomputer is integrated into our industry-leading hybrid compute-visualization-data systems that deliver a seamless and highly productive supercomputing environment. The SGI Visual Supercomputer includes high performance visualization blades featuring the latest CPUs and GPUs, a comprehensive visualization-enabled software stack that reduces system complexity, and remote visualization capabilities. Every SGI Visual Supercomputer is engineered to match the unique global workflow requirements of each of our clients. Our solutions offer;