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Storage Products
 SGI Storage Solution
 Panasas Storage  Solution
  Supermicro Storage Solution
Our storage solutions are specifically designed and fine-tuned for your usage. Each system is customized for environment taking in to account throughput, IOPS, capacity, scalability and budget. We offer two high performance parallel storage solutions. The ParaStor GS series integrates IBM’s GPFS Elastic storage file system along with Netapp’s “E” series storage arrays. NSD servers and storage systems are highly configurable and are optimized for each environment. The ParaStor LS series integrates Intel’s Enterprise Edition for Lustre software along with Netapp’s “E” series storage arrays. Combined with tier-1 object storage servers and metadata servers, our product line offers a highly redundant, high-performance storage solution. In either case, you get a customized storage solution configured just for you. No cookie cutter approach here.