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High Performance Computing

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Storage Solution

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Cloud Computing

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SGI InfiniteStorage Ecosystem

Solutions Designed for Data-Intensive Environments

As a recognized leader in the design and delivery of some of the world's most powerful high-performance computing and Big Data systems, SGI delivers open-systems-based storage solutions that can scale in terms of performance, throughput and capacity. SGI storage solutions leverage an intelligent combination of leading storage technologies to produce tailored systems that meet both performance and budget objectives.

Data Management


SGI's Intelligent Data Management solutions are proven in some of the world's most demanding high performance environments and address the cost and complexity of managing data at scale.


Intelligent Data Management


Lustre Solutions


Lustre is the dominant parallel file system for technical computing environments. SGI Lustre solutions are engineered to deliver virtually limitless scalability for both throughput and capacity.


Lustre Suite


Storage Platforms


The platforms below are featured components that SGI offers as part of a wide selection of hardware and software to enable the storage solution to best match your needs.


RAID Platforms